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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Romantic Wedding Lighting

How do you set a romantic mood your wedding reception or ceremony to make it unforgettable?

Just add fairy lights we say. You will not believe what a difference a few strings of fairy lights will make to your decor. In some instances, brides use fairy lights as the main focal point of their decorations and it will always look unbelievably stunning.

A recommendation would be to opt for the yellow fairy light instead of the 'cool' white fairy lights that you can also buy. The softer lighting makes a big difference when it comes to the composition of wedding photos taken of the venue or reception hall itself.

Fairy lights can be used indoors and creates a spectacular scene for any outdoors or garden wedding too. The possibilities are endless.

You can now hire or order fairy lights and rope lights from Plan-a-Wedding-on-a-Budget as well as some awesome paper decor that adds that little something extra to your lights. You also have the option of our team setting up the fairy lights for you at your venue. For more information on pricing and terms, email us at

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Here are some photo ideas to get your creative juices flowing - until next time... Ciao!

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