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Friday, 1 March 2013

Bunting, Bunting, Bunting!

Bunting (or bunt) was originally a specific type of lightweight worsted wool fabric generically known as tammy, manufactured from the turn of the 17th century, and used for making ribbons and flags, including signal flags for the Royal Navy. Among other properties that made the fabric suitable for ribbons and flags was its high glaze, achieved by a process including hot-pressing.
The origin of the word is uncertain.
Today, "bunting" is a term for any festive decorations made of fabric, or of plasticpaper or even cardboard in imitation of fabric. Typical forms of bunting are strings of colorful triangular flags and lengths of fabric in the colors of national flags gathered and draped into swags or pleated into fan shapes.
The term bunting is also used to refer to a collection of flags, and particularly those of a ship. The officer responsible for raising signals using flags is known as "bunts", a term still used for a ship's communications officer.

Today bunting is widely used as decor for parties, functions, weddings and the design is even applied to invitations. The end product is fantastic and you can incorporate this vintage element with almost any modern, chick or contemporary theme.

We are proud to announce that the Plan-your-Wedding-on-a-Budget shop now supplies bunting for your special occasion. @ R65 per meter (a very competitive and affordable price in comparison) it will be an absolute must to order from us.

For more information and any enquiries into this fantastic offer, email us at

Have a look at some bunting inspiration below and have a fantastic weekend!
(photos courtesy of La Belle Vita Photography)

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