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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Sweet and Savoury Wedding Tables

Hello all the followers and brides to be!

I have been quiet this past week, with good reason I promise. While in Mozambique for work I did do a lot of scouting, and the next post will feature some of the new products we offer as thank you gifts for your wedding guests. We promise that all products we feature will be affordable, as always!

For today's post however, we want to fill you in on some of the most recent trends we have noticed at weddings. With the right preparation and goodies, you will also be able to pull this one off and the bonus is that it is a much cheaper version of the traditional wedding cake.

Let's start with the sweet table - (I know you all have one)

We have seen kids, adults and grandparents flock to the sweet table at weddings while they wait for the bride and groom to finish their private photo sessions, or when the time comes for dessert to be served until everyone is ready to hang up their dancing shoes.

All you need is a table, table cloth and some decor that fits in with the theme of your wedding. A cute little sign (written by hand on a chalk board and mounted on the wall) showing the location of the table is also a must and will make the presentation look formal and complete.

Your sweets can be placed in various glass bowls (fairly cheap at Consol retail shops in South Africa) and you can hire some bell glasses and cake stands to create levels on your table which will make everything appear mouth watering. It is always about the presentation when it comes to food items, so the arrangement of your sweets are very important.

When it comes to choosing the sweets, we suggest you go to places like Makro, Kit-Kat and Rainbow Sweets where you can buy sweets in bulk for much cheaper than for example at Spar. They also have some of the more 'vintage' sweets that we ate as kids which will look awesome on the table. Liquorice and Strawberry strips, Sweetie Pies, Toffee's, Nicker balls and Jawbreakers are a few sweets to consider. You can also add some cupcakes or Bon Bon's to provide some variety. Here are a few pictures to inspire you:

A very popular savoury table is a cheese table. Your guests can nibble on these snacks as part of their starter while you and your bridal party are taking pictures. Here you can then provide juice, or some sparkling wine to cleanse the pallet in between different cheeses and fruits.

You can put out a variety of cheeses with cheese knifes, berries, crackers, dried fruits and sweet sauces which compliments the salty taste of the savoury items. We think this is an excellent idea and very little effort. You can decorate the table with leaves, freshly picked veld flowers and grasses, glass jars, ribbons, multi-coloured serviettes en cute name tags telling your guests what it is that they are eating.

Here are some pictures to get your creative juices flowing:

Keep your eyes open for the next post on some of the items we can provide for your wedding! We promise it will be interesting and unique!

Until next time!

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