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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Wedding Hair Accessories

Whether it is feathers, flowers, lace, glittery, ribbon, pearly or with net and brooch detail - wedding bands are a hot commodity this season.

The best news is, you do not have to buy these from expensive stockists, you can do-it-yourself. You just need some inspiration, the right materials and equipment and voila! For some inspiration on a easy lace headband and for some useful tips, go have a look at this youtube video -

Headbands have been in circulation since the era of the ancient Greeks; the period dating from 475 BC to 330 BC. In those days, headbands were made out of wreaths made from olive branches. Their initial purpose included being the ultimate prize awarded to athletes competing in the original Olympics. As time progressed, the Romans and the Etruscans modified their wreaths with the decorative use of precious metals such as gold and silver. Various woods such as oak were also used in the production of this newly acquired hair decoration.As the Middle Ages arrived, women would wear wreaths made of gold, but the wreaths soon lost their popularity once chaplets entered the scene. Headbands received modern-day popularity with the arrival of the 1800s. During this period, women would accentuate their hair with headbands decorated with feathers, jewels, and flowers.

For me the headband has a distinct 1920's feel to it, and it always takes me back to the era of flapper dresses, fishnets and high heels. The headband was a favourite hair accessory then, and still is.

Your wedding headband does not necessarily have to cover your entire head like some vintage headbands, but can add that extra touch to complete your look. If you are going to make one yourself, make sure that you add your own personal touch to it, it just makes it more memorable.

Some affordable stockists you can consult are:

Accessorize -
Sass Diva -
Mr Price -

Here are some ideas for your very own headband for your big day or for everyday use!



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