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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Flowers for your Wedding!

When it comes to planning which flower arrangements you want to have at your wedding, you have to make sure which flowers are in season. Flowers out of season costs much more to be sourced.

As a guideline, we want to share the flowers in season in South Africa - 

Spring Blooms

All White: 
tulip, hyacinth, daisy, daffodil, camellia, azaea, sweet pea, rhododendron, jasmine, flannel

Yellow and White:
daffodil, azalea, daisy, iris, tulip, primrose, buttercup, jasmine, rhododendron, mimosa.

Orange and White:
tulip, daffodil, lily, azalea, marigold

Blue and White:
cornflower, forget-me-not, bluebell, hyacinth.

Pink and White:
hyacinth, delphinium, azalea, gladiolus, waterlily, jasmine, cornflower, rhododendron, English daisy                                                                  




Summer Blooms

All white:
iris, daisy, sweet pea, delphinium, cornflower, lilac, lily-of-the-valley,.

Orange and white:
iris, daffodil, marigold, alstroemeria.

Mauve and white:
lavender, sweet pea, azalea, delphinium,

Pink and white:
hyacinth, delphinium, azalea, gladiolus jasmine, iris, tiger lily, cornflower, sweet pea, alstroemeria



                             Tiger Lily

Winter Blooms

All white:
tulip, hyacinth, iris, daisy, gladiolus, daffodil, camellia.

Orange and white:
iris, tulip, dahlia, daffodil.

Pink and white:
hyacinth, delphinium, azalea, dahlia, gladiolus, cornflower.



All year round

All white:
phalaenopsis orchid, gladiolus, gardenia, freesia,Singapore├é orchid, baby├ó€™s breath, lily, rose

Pink and white:
rose, carnation, freesia

One of our favourite types of flowers, either used separately or in combination is the rose and baby's breath. Arrangements do not have to be sophisticated or professionally done for there flowers to look fantastic. If you decide to do the arrangements yourself go to this site for some easy and no-hassle guidance. It is definitely not rocket science.

The rose fits into any theme, modern or vintage, and goes extremely well with other decor items like birdcages, glass jars, hessian and wood.

Baby's breath on the other hand adds that ethereal touch to your day, complete like you are in a fairy tale. This flower works excellent in table arrangements, bouquets and pew arrangements. You can not go wrong with this choice of flower. It is also easy to work with for arrangements which means you will save on florist costs.


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